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About us

Balance Re is a life reinsurance startup based in London and Cologne that presents a genuinely novel application of technology in a very traditional industry. This makes us the first full-stack reinsurtech.

With our real-time asset-liability platform, we tackle one of the most fascinating problems in finance: managing the interactions between financial and non-financial risks.

The problems we are solving exist in a complex environment spanning actuarial, financial, accounting, and regulatory matters. Operating at the crossroad of so many fields requires the ability to take a fresh look at things and to foster collaboration among people with different viewpoints. Our team is comprised of members coming from seven different countries, with diverse professional backgrounds – robotics, astrophysics, philosophy, on top of (re)insurance, software engineering and investment management.

To help us solve our next challenges we are committed to broaden this variety of points of views by increasing the team’s diversity in all possible aspects. We are a dynamic and supportive team, with flexible working patterns and focused on outcomes. We are looking for people joining us who are first and foremost curious and who want to learn constantly from others. In pursuit of having an impact on Balance Re, they will form working relationships with colleagues and partners, based on kindness, understanding, and mutual respect.

Position description

You will join a team of experienced developers to work on our asset-liability platform and tackle problems at the intersection of finance, insurance, and technology not solved before.

You will be provided mentorship from senior engineers with decades of experience, while being allowed a high degree of autonomy.

Our stack consists of modern tools and technologies, including .NET, Python, React, SQL Server, AWS (S3, Lambda, Step Functions, EC2), GitLab. We value best practices such as clean code, automated testing, CI/CD, and Infrastructure as Code.

You are expected to focus your efforts on:

  • coding a variety of financial and insurance algorithms and associated workloads
  • handling the transformation and the visualisation of vast amounts of financial and insurance data
  • deploying software in a cloud-based environment

You will partner closely with colleagues who are insurance and financial markets professionals (actuaries, investment specialists, quants). In this process, you will become familiar with insurance and financial products (e.g., life insurance policies, bonds, loans, derivatives).

Your profile


  • 1+ year of industry experience in C# or similar (e.g., Java, C++)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Keen to learn financial and insurance aspects of the business
  • Ability to take ownership when working on tasks
  • Experience of collaborating in a team
  • Values good software development practices (automated tests, CI/CD, clean code)


  • Experience with cloud technologies (e.g., S3, Lambda, CloudFormation in AWS, or similar in Azure or Google Cloud)
  • Experience with some CI/CD tool (e.g., Gitlab, Jenkins, CircleCI)
  • Knowledge of one scripting language (e.g., Python)
  • Experience of working with any databases (relational or document-based)
  • Some experience of front-end web development (e.g., React, TypeScript, HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • Experience of working in an agile environment
  • Experience of working with quantitative analysts

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