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CMDTY is a well-funded early stage startup that is using technology and data science to create efficiencies in the multi-trillion dollar industry of trading and logistics of physical commodities. We are currently a team of 8 women and 6 men, including technology experts who have revolutionised the ad-tech industry, and commodity experts with years of experience in metals and other commodities. We are based in New York, London, and remote. As we prepare to release our first product in mid 2020, we are looking to hire full-stack developers to join our team in London. If you enjoy working in an open team environment and are excited to tackle new and interesting problems while building quality software, do read on to find out more!

What problem are you trying to solve? 

Think about how easy it is for you to purchase something online; you can see various options, filter by different features, and then once ordered, track where your delivery is until it arrives at your doorstep. 

It might surprise you that such systems do not yet exist for manufacturers or suppliers who are looking to buy or sell raw material, such as aluminium, copper or cocoa. Thanks to many challenges involved, particularly due to the size of the market, such purchases are currently extremely manual.. using a combination of emails, phone calls, text messages to track purchases, sales and deliveries. 

What are you doing? 

  • We are bringing market intelligent and pricing tools to small and big manufacturers and producers of physical commodities to maximise value for the end customers. 
  • By providing financing, price discovery and other facilities we are creatinga a fairer more transparent marketplace and enabling companies to trade with new counterparties. 
  • We are improving logistic and tracking of commodities around the world. This mean optimised delivery routes, with benefits such as a reduction in carbon footprint. 

Where are you now? Who is the team? 

Best way to describe us is a well-funded early stage start-up. We raised a Series A of $10mm in September 2019 and have a team with background in both technology and commodities. We are currently working on delivering a first product to our customers by mid 2020. 

We have tech experts who have built systems that handle millions of transactions per second. They are bringing a completely new level of expertise to the old-fashioned world of commodity technology. 

We have commodity experts, with 56 years of experience in the space. They have a deep knowledge of the current market structure andunderstand the challenges our customers face day to day. 

Where are you based? 

We currently have offices in London and New York, and also have people who work remotely. For this particular position, you would be working closely with the team in London. 

Would I fit in? 

We will try our best to make sure you feel at home at CMDTY. Our co-founders genuinely believe that a diverse team will set us up for success and as such we are working hard to attract diverse candidates who can add value right from the start, but also grow and thrive further in CMDTY. 

We are currently a team of 14 from many different nationalities and races, including 8 women, with a 50/50 men/women split in the technology area.A lot of the team has children, so we think CMDTY is super family friendly. We will help you handle the challenges that come along with having a family. 

Do I need Commodity experience? 

No, and you don’t even need to care that much about commodities to find this space fascinating. Our team includes a former commodities quant who will quickly get you up to speed. We are also working on an internal series of “learn and teach” classes so we can teach each other about various topics. 

OK, I am excited, what are you actually after? 

In short, we are looking for individuals who are excited to tackle the problems we described above. In this particular role, we are looking for a senior software engineer.

You will be working closely with our head of quantitative analysis and data science to implement some core components of the deal intelligence, logistics optimisation, pricing and risk engines. These are the algorithms that will be at the core of our product offering. 

You will also be working with our CTO and the rest of the technology team in a highly collaborative and transparent environment. You should be excited to solve interesting engineering problems, help establish well-designed engineering processes and ship high quality enterprise level product. 

Given where we are now, you will be able to start building and contributing from day one, and help build the architecture for our systems. As the team grows, you will have more junior developers that you can nurture and develop too. 

What is your technology stack? 

  • Python REST API. 
  • React, Redux, Sagas, and Typescript. 
  • AWS, Kubernetes, Docker. 
  • Automated CI/CD with staging and production environments. 
  • Postgres. 

What experience do I need? 

If you can think you can contribute, you should apply, and we will compensate you based on your experience and ability.We are open to a range of experience levels, but experience in a technology company, where you have designed and built solutions in a professional setting, is required as we need everyone to be able to contribute quickly. 

If you are intrigued by the role and are excited to work in our stack, then you should probably apply. 

Tell me one more time why CMDTY is great? 

  • We are handling real material that is used by almost all of us on a daily basis. We will be tracking trucks and ships and facilitate purchases of solid pieces of metal. We think that's cool. 
  • We are a start-up, with a start-up culture. We will move and build things quickly, and every team member will have a real impact on where we go and what we build. 
  • But we are well-funded, so we very competitive rates.
  • You get to work with our founding team who have a proven track record. 

If you have read this far, do drop us a line to say hi! 

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