Senior Frontend Engineer

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Our Frontend Engineers work closely with designers and product managers to bring projects from concept to a modern interactive web interface. They are experts in their field and make use of the latest tools and techniques. They write excellent code, coach their teams, learn from others, and constantly better themselves and the people around them.

The role

Frontend Engineers will work with full stack engineers in the organisation to make sure our frontends are built with modern tools and techniques, making sure that users always comes first.

They will be involved in identifying appropriate technology and approaches, working closely with the product team and the wider organisation to deliver a roadmaps of desired features and optimisations, aligned with the needs of service users and the business.

Commercially responsible, they will be expected to work in an agile manner with care, ensuring the highest level of code quality, security, privacy and appropriate test coverage is maintained throughout.


We expect you to have worked with modern frontend technologies and have mastered them. We expect you to have worked in cross-functional teams to ship products while working with designers and product managers.

We expect you to have experience mentoring and coaching other engineers on your team. We'd also like if you write blog posts, give talks, or share your knowledge in any way with the community.

Other required experience:

  • Architect, develop and maintain modern frontends
  • Working with JavaScript
  • Working with React
  • Building reusable component libraries
  • Working with isomorphic web applications or frameworks such as Gatsby or Next.js
  • Working directly with product managers
  • Writing code with Test Driven Development
  • Working with testing tools like Cypress, Selenium, Jest, or similar
  • Pair programming
  • Agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban
  • Master of build tools such as Webpack
  • Working with continuous integration and delivery pipelines
  • Working in delivery focused environment where the user comes first
  • Working in a startup or similar fast paced environment


  • To translate user needs into viable roadmaps which deliver desirable user experiences
  • Identify areas of risk and complexity during the planning process
  • To work directly with the product team and wider organisation to agreed aims
  • To provide sensible and well justified architectural guidance
  • To be proficient in a wide range of tools, design patterns and best practices
  • To actively pursue new skills and knowledge related to the challenges ahead
  • To advocate and effectively communicate best practices
  • To be able to work on entire features, from concept through to production deployment ensuring the feature is built and deployed in a timely fashion
  • To build an appropriate level of security into software
  • To be conscious of political landscapes within the organisation and its partners and to always be considerate of them
  • To continuously practice Test Driven Development, including small incremental refactorings
  • To be able to productively pair with colleagues
  • Understand how to do pair programming well, and encourage it within teams
  • To keep fellow team members updated on current work in progress, including any blockers or potential risks
  • To plan and build incrementally, to ensure new features get into the hands of real users as quickly as possible
  • To be continuously applying a lean and iterative approach to solving problems
  • To communicate continuously

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