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Since 2016 we’ve been helping organisations build more inclusive and innovative cultures using science, data and technology. Our mission is for everyone to feel like they belong and are free to invent at work.

We work habit by habit, person by person, at scale. And we need help.

Specifically we need support in the areas of consultancy, marketing, and product.

We welcome candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. We don’t mind gaps in CVs (none of our business), portfolio careers (broad perspectives and experiences are very welcome), and don’t really mind if or where you went to university (our CEO is American so actually can’t tell the difference).

The only thing we don’t tolerate is intolerance. Here, there is no question that Black Lives Matter or that trans rights are human rights. If you find either of these statements of fact controversial, we are not the right place for you.

But, if you want to create a world of work where equality is the norm, micro-aggressions are a (quickly corrected) anomaly and the brilliance of all the people who have been ignored is unleashed to solve the world’s biggest problems, please continue reading.

All our roles are flexible in terms of time and location and will have their scope agreed in collaboration with the successful candidate to best match their skills and goals for development.

Below is our area of most critical need in terms of product development but we will also need a range of UX support so if you believe in our mission and have other ways you think you can help, please get in touch. We’d love to meet you.

Product Lead Role

We have an app. It is a good app. It is also a bootstrapped, very lean app that has been 100% focused on the most critical use cases. As we grow, there are additional use cases we need to address and we need to bring greater delight to the user experience.

We have a few sprints scheduled where we’ll need dedicated ‘product owner’ support but we are looking for a leader who will help us be at the cutting edge of inclusive, human centred product development. This could be someone established or who is still finding their voice.

We are looking for someone who:

Understands agile beyond the terms and the process

We are not doctrinaire but we believe strongly in the principles. We are looking for someone who is flexible in their application but thinks deeply about the why, the people impacted and the result.

Will prioritise the most vulnerable

Our users are very important but they may not be the most important - it is the people with power in organisations whose behaviour we want to shift to make work more fair, so we need to be sure that we balance the needs of our target users with the urgency of effecting real change.

Can ruthlessly prioritise

There is so much we want to do and such a big mountain to climb, so we need to prioritise what will have the greatest impact and make some difficult decisions on what to ignore.

Takes a scientific approach

The creation of hypotheses, the questioning of our assumptions and designing experiments that challenge our biases are core to who we are. We generate ideas based on the best evidence we have and question them mercilessly - you must be willing to ‘kill your darlings’ and prioritise learning quickly.

Currently this is a part time, contract role, but we are hoping to able to expand the team permanently in the new year.

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