Interim Volunteer Manager

Broken Spoke Bike CoopOxford1M ago

Broken Spoke is recruiting for an interim role to help us develop our organisation around our brilliant community of volunteers. As we move through a time of change, growth and recovery from Covid-19, we need someone to join our team on a temporary basis, and work hand-in-hand with our Community Coordinator to develop an organisation which revolves around its members and volunteers.

Ideally, you’ll join us for a 6-month period and take accountability for the development of a volunteer strategy, the management of our volunteer culture, the development and training of key staff and volunteers, and creating a clear operational plan to move ahead with.

The interim volunteer manager role will work closely with our Interim General Manager to shape an informed business model which can utilise volunteers to participate meaningfully in the operations of our business and the delivery of our work programmes. At the same time, the interim volunteer manager will work with our fixed staff to put in place the practices and policies necessary to take the best possible care of our volunteers whilst ensuring an excellent quality of service and a safe place to work.

An essential part of this role is the development and training of our Community Coordinator. The success of the Interim Volunteer Manager role will depend on the Community Coordinator’s ability to carry forward the work that is initiated in this period and we expect the person who takes this role to establish a close relationship with the Community Coordinator and take responsibility for their professional development.

The Interim Volunteer Manager will leave behind them at Broken Spoke an engaged and enthused volunteer base, who are contributing regularly, reliably and meaningfully to the organisation. To sit alongside our business model, they will have developed a clear set of policies and procedures which ensure a workplace safe for all and encourage the delivery of excellent work. By the time they move-on, we will be fast on our way to a culture of openness and collaboration where volunteers feel able to take initiative and pull the organisation in exciting new directions. All of this will be overseen by a confident and capable Community Coordinator, left with the tools they need to maintain a thriving community of volunteer help.

Closing 16th November

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