Interim General Manager

Broken Spoke Bike CoopOxford1M ago

Broken Spoke is recruiting for an interim role to lead a process of business development throughout a period of change and recovery from Covid-19. We are seeking someone with a sound knowledge of business development and retail who can work with the current staff, board, and volunteers to apply good commercial practice to our purpose-driven community bike project, including a busy workshop space.

This temporary role will be the pivot for the development of a new business model which revolves around our volunteers and our community-purpose. As well as developing and implementing this business model, this role will be responsible for managing operations, developing our governance structure, and for managing the recruitment of a permanent General Manager.

The interim General Manager will manage the fixed members of staff and an additional temporary volunteer management role, and work closely with our casual staff, board members, and extended group of volunteers. They will be responsible for ensuring this is a collaborative process and that all stakeholders feel comfortable with and excited by the development process.

The Interim General Manager role will leave behind them at Broken Spoke a better governed organisation, with a clear business plan, an empowered staff and volunteer workforce, under the leadership of a clear new management role, filled by a brilliant individual.

Closing 16th November

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