Growth Analyst

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Role Description

We’re looking for a Growth Analyst who will support us with the experimentation and execution of our growth strategy. You will report directly to the Head of Growth, and ensure we make data-driven analysis decisions that prioritise our channel experimentation, and help us scale quickly and cost-effectively. 

This is an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing FinTech startup and use analytics and technical skills to make sure we focus on the highest ROI growth tactics. Your work will ensure we reach and convert users effectively, help us optimise acquisition costs and offer/invest as much margin as possible back into our user community.   

On successful performance, this role has the potential to transition into Growth Product Management roles, or more senior and specialised roles in Growth. 


* Build our growth analytics and attribution systems to help us monitor the efficiency of our channels, using state of the art tools, working closely with the Head of Growth, data science, and commercial teams to do so. 

* Track and monitor the impact and cost efficiency of our growth channels. Be in charge of our growth modelling, and work closely with the Head of Growth to decide on what mix of levers/channels to pull at each month to get us to series B.  

* Work closely with our product team to translate any growth insights you uncover back into key product changes. 

* Practice our values: worker first, right side of history, default to trust, master our craft, and obligation to dissent.

What qualities are we looking for?

* You'll have spent at least one year in a technical marketing role, preferably in building attribution models or owning SEO or PPC.

* Strong analytics skills and commercial awareness. You should have experience with -- and love -- using data and analytics to uncover insights that have direct monetary impact on our users and company. 

* Modelling skills. You should be comfortable building complex analytical models in excel or another tool of your choice. These don't have to be in growth/marketing, but could be in gaming, finance or another similarly complex domain. 

* Technical skills. Ideally, you have learnt how to use business intelligence tools. Bonus: you are comfortable using SQL/similar languages (or have the confidence that you'd be able to pick it up). 

* Excellent communication skills. You should be efficient at explaining your decisions to others, and be able to place your reasoning within the wider business context (northstar metrics, strategy etc). 

* Exceptionally high ambition. This role might even be a stepping stone for you to pursue your own entrepreneurial dreams one day

* An identification and belief in our mission and values.

What does success look like in six months time?

* You’ve worked with the Head of Growth and team to create a system that captures, attributes and analyses data across our growth channels. 

* You've used data to build a clear sense of the unit economics and ROI we can expect from channels including: paid for display ads, SEO, SEA, ASO, Affiliate marketing, referrals (and any more that come up). 

* Through your analysis and insights, you’ve helped us prioritise the right mix of channels that let us acquire our target paying user #s ahead of series B, to reach at least £3M in ARR

Salary and Equity

Salary: £40,000 - £60,000

Equity: 0.0% - 0.1%

[When applying please mention your application came through YSYS jobs board]

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