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*When applying to this opportunity, please state that you applied via the YSYS jobs board.

Studio 55 Ventures, by ITV are looking for small teams – or exceptional individuals – with big ideas. We want to hear from driven people to join our latest talent programme and prove themselves to be our next business partner. 

If you are an entrepreneur who dreams about starting your own media business, this is the perfect opportunity to flourish. We’ll give you the tools, backing and funding to turn your ambitions into a reality. You’ll learn how to develop your concept into a powerful business model and launch it to the world. 

We're not looking for the next Love Island, we're looking for a media landscape gamechanger. These could be in the form of streaming platforms, eSport apps or even the next TikTok. We want to hear about your innovation and why 16-34-year-old’s need it in their lives. 

How it works:

We'll invite 8 of the best teams to join our programme. You'll work with us through different stages designed to test, prove and develop your ideas. There will be plenty of challenges for all our budding business partners, but it's important we find out together whether our partnership is the right fit for each other. Find out in more detail what the programme involves here. 

1) Build your business case – 6 weeks

The first step is to turn your idea into a presentable business case, with every team receiving a one off £10K payment. You'll then pitch this to investors and successful models will be selected to develop further. 

2) Create a prototype – 3 months

Teams will work full-time with us and be paid a stipend and prototyping budget, to user-test and develop their idea into an actual prototype. These will then be pitched. We’ll choose the best to come onboard with us. 

3) Start your business with us

Successful teams will be given the full backing by us to turn their prototype into a fully scaled business within ITV, including salary, funding, support and generous bonuses 

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*When applying to this opportunity, please state that you applied via the YSYS jobs board.

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