Digital Product Designer - Apprentice

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6-month digital apprenticeship.


Nurture talent for social impact.


Anyone. No experience required.

The apprenticeship

You will learn the core skills we use at SIDE: web design, web build, user research, copywriting, information architecture, product management and tea drinking. 

This is all knitted together by Webflow, a website creation tool that we believe radically changes the skill set required to be an effective web developer.

By the end of the apprenticeship, we expect you will be hyper employable. We hope you might want to keep working at SIDE after this initial 6 months... but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

A typical week

  • 4 days on live projects: The best way to learn the full range of skills.
  • 1 day on training: Guided self-study with peer support, working to deliver a project.

Entry requirements

SIDE Academy aims to increase diversity in the charity technology sector. In 2018, AVECO reported "only 9% of the voluntary sector workforce is from a BAME background." We are trying to do a tiny bit to redress this imbalance.

SIDE Academy is aimed at people who are under-represented in charities and technology. No qualifications or experience is required. You will need to exhibit at least one of the following:

This can be pretty much anything. An Instagram account with thousands of followers. A vibrant forum or subreddit. A charming blog. A Roblox game with a significant number of favourites.

Perhaps you've played music or sport to a high standard: whether rapping or ultimate frisbee, viola or boxing - we are ready to be impressed. Perhaps you’ve got glowing letters of recommendation from somewhere you volunteer. Surprise us!

Evidence that you’ve taken the hard way, whether for curiosity, love or money. Maybe you’ve worked somewhere over a long period, beyond what most mortals could sustain. Even if the job was unglamorous, we'll be impressed by the hard work. 

SIDE is aiming to make the world a better place. It would be wonderful if you are too. Tell us how or why or where!

You don’t have to consider yourself a writer. But we’ll pay close attention to your covering email. We’ll be looking for someone who communicates tightly, makes a connection and has a touch of flair.

Read more and how to apply at

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