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Full time | permanent | £40-50k

Deadline: 9AM UK time on Monday 11th October


At Brink, we work on an ever-expanding portfolio of programmes supporting entities solving non-trivial problems on a global scale. They might be start-ups applying tech to humanitarian challenges, African city councils coming together to solve shared problems, or internal initiatives at some of the world’s biggest foundations. In an agency context, they would be our clients.

Our portfolio is expanding, so we’re looking for our first Designer: an individual with excellent branding, visual and editorial design skills to become a key part of our team in this next stage of growth. You’ll get the opportunity to create our new brand and also get to apply your design skills to all the programmes that Brink works on, as well as the individual ventures within them, championing how to use design as a tool for impact.

You may have taken a brand from zero to one, and are ready to support another organisation on that journey. You may have an agency background, and want to balance your client-handling skills somewhere where there’s space to experiment and see a project execution through to growth. You might be a freelancer who can bring new approaches to using design in purpose-led environments.

Regardless of where you are now, or where you’ve been before, if you’re a designer who is looking to use their skills to make a positive dent in the world, then we want to hear from you.


This year Brink turned 3, doubled its team size and launched a team in East Africa. We have managed to grow with a brand which is strong and compelling, (if a little rough around the edges) but now we need it to be tightened up and expanded into a wider identity and style which embodies our signature working approach: Behavioural Innovation.

Beyond developing our core brand, there are endless opportunities across our programmes where you will be invited to step in and tackle problems or needs from a design perspective. It will be your responsibility to understand the task, create your own design brief and work collaboratively with the team in question, working from concept to completion of final outputs. We’re looking for a designer who gets excited by that amount of creative freedom and variety of projects.

You may use your editorial design skills to produce a one-off zine on burnout solutions for our venture Well_Lab or challenge yourself to create a high-spec web page layout incorporating only low-res, smartphone photos.

Your visual communication skills may be called on to design a deck of cards teaching innovation methods, create a pitch deck showcasing a network offer for OECD member countries or to make a complex concept like participatory research accessible.

And your branding skills might help you develop a brand for one of our 12 incoming Frontier Tech pilots or produce marketing materials for one of our ventures creating assistive technology products in Africa.

We think that this role would suit an experienced designer with deep experience in these three skills. Beyond that, we’d love to see what else you can bring to the role: whether that’s a penchant for illustration or motion graphics or something we’ve not even thought of yet. Whilst the above are specialisms which a great candidate will have, we also know that other design skills will bring immense value to this role and the right person will be able to use design as a tool for problem solving, regardless of the medium.

The common denominator between all of this is that we need you to actively make a connection between people and sometimes quite complex ideas, with the goal of mobilising real world action.

The ideal person for this role will be able to demonstrate how they can:

  • Understand the power of design to help people understand opportunities for action - and then communicate that power to others, motivating them to act. 
  • Hold high standards for great design, and also understand when to push for design excellence and when to embrace the most pragmatic solution
  • Act entrepreneurially: doesn’t need permission to get stuck in where they can see something should be done.
  • Take responsibility and be accountable: we work with creative freelancers across our programmes (think researchers, videographers, motion designers, writers and illustrators) but you will be the sole responsible designer for our in-house work. 
  • Communicate with the end user in mind: considers how every piece of work will be consumed by the end recipient and whether we’re getting across the right messages.
  • Work professionally with a range of clients and stakeholders and be comfortable engaging them directly in order to understand their needs.
  • Do more than what’s on this page. We want to see your unique set of skills and passion projects!
  • Balance play with serious topics: You know when and where it’s appropriate to make things fun, and how that can help us reach our objectives.


  • Growth mindset: keen and eager to experiment and learn, comfortable with not knowing all the answers yet and happy to let stuff go when it doesn’t quite hit the mark
  • Is ‘interoperable’: quickly establishes rapport with all kinds of people
  • Enjoys ‘making others shine': Brink is a low-ego zone that thrives on making our colleagues, clients and collaborators shine


  1. Use the right design software for the job. You’ll be fluent in Adobe CC including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and possible AfterEffects, Figma, Sketch and FinalCut, but won’t shy away from a Google Slides deck should this be the most appropriate way of communicating for the job. 
  2. Have the right to work in the UK.

You’ll also have access to extra things to support you to be your best self, in and out of work:

🐙 A role that isn’t available for anyone else and shaped around you and your interests

🏖 Unlimited holiday

🧠 Dedicated coaching for your mental health and wellbeing from Sanctus

🎒 Brink retreats and away days

⛳️ Pension package

📚 Kindle with unlimited books

🎓 Training budget

🏡 COVID expense budget for home working

🚴‍♀️ Access to a cycle to work scheme

🐣 Parental leave policy

How to apply

If you’re interested in joining us, please submit your CV and portfolio, as well as a response to the following question*

🧑‍🎨 How would you use design for good at Brink? 🧑‍🎨

You can be as creative as you like and choose any structure or layout to present your information, as long as you share it in PDF format and keep it under four pages (max 20mb).

*We appreciate that applying for jobs takes time, but please respond to all the questions we ask. We won’t be considering applications which are incomplete.

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