We help people manage their money better, supported by someone they trust, typically a carer. 

Over six million people in the UK live with some kind of cognitive impairment, such as dementia, learning difficulties or a mental health problem. Toucan helps these people share timely spending alerts or selected financial information securely with someone they trust, helping them delegate financial admin and keeping them safe.

Since the team came together in March 2019, we’ve designed, built and tested our app with people living with mental health problems, working with leading research charity the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute through Nationwide’s Open Banking for Good programme. We’ve also recently been shortlisted as finalists for Nesta Challenge’s Open Up 2020, where we were awarded £100k due to our commitment to financial inclusion.

We’re veterans of financial services and technology, with 30+ combined years of experience building products in companies like Monzo, Zopa, and Deliveroo. We draw inspiration from the stories surfaced in our customer research as well as our own personal experiences to drive our mission.