Pango uses big data to make teachers’ lives easier and unify distribution for the digital education content industry.

“Education content” in schools used to mean physical textbooks. Now it’s a digital collection of worksheets, videos, slides, quizzes etc. Pango is on a mission to be the only place teachers need to go for all their digital education content needs – just like Spotify is for your digital music needs. Like Spotify, we don’t make our own content, we are the technology that unifies the universe of third-party content providers from the biggest to the smallest. Our platform can ingest, organise and recommend education content from any publisher, in any format, for any curriculum.

Searching for and curating content is hugely time consuming for teachers. Pango helps teachers globally to save time and be more effective educators, improving outcomes for students as a result. Teacher efficacy is the greatest challenge facing education systems globally, and education is one of the last major industries to be disrupted by technology – we’re driven by putting both those things right. Our ultimate ambition is to shift the distribution of lesson quality towards the top end of the spectrum and systemically improve educational outcomes as a result. At the macro level, better teachers mean better education systems, which is transformational for any country.

We are a Seed stage startup that has raised over £1.5m in total.