At Orkestro, we harness human and machine intelligence to disrupt the logistics industry. Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable transportation network through advanced technology, innovation and cooperation while putting people and the planet first. We orchestrate B2B delivery processes to optimise speed, reduce costs and minimise risks. We are orchestrators, actuators of intelligence.

As one of London’s most promising early-stage technology companies, we are hiring a range of smart and ambitious individuals.

We always strive to push the boundaries of creativity while adapting to stakeholder demands and global trends. Therefore, rather than defining roles with high specificity at this stage, we are approaching our team building in a holacratic manner. We envision that our early stage team will be made up of people that are holistic problem solvers and see the bigger picture as it pertains to all stakeholders that join our ecosystem.

Our ambitions are big, and this is reflected in the funding position we are now in - with a multimillion investment secured from carefully selected institutional venture capitalists including Cherry Ventures and LocalGlobe - investors that have backed the likes of Citymapper, Improbable, Lovefilm (acquired by Amazon), Transferwise and Zoopla.