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About is an AI-powered meeting assistant with a technology that turns your online meetings into smartly transcribed notes, transforms them into action items, and makes follow-ups. Our goal is to empower superheroes to unleash their creativity and manage meetings easily by using our compelling platform and modern superpowers.




1. Real-Time Transcription:

With this Superpower, you can capture AI meeting notes, record conversations during and after sessions, and organize your transcriptions in one location for maximum efficiency.


2. Action Items:

It’s finally time to meet deadlines and assign tasks correctly and consistently. To activate this superpower, you can simply click on any part of the meeting transcription to live edit, highlight, or mark for follow-up.


3. AI-Summary Spell:

Gosh, summarizing is the worst job ever! But we have fixed it for you. automatically extracts insights and relevant conversation pieces with AI's help and delivers AI-generated summaries for you.


4. Collaborate and integrator:

Make your employees your family – trust them with the changes. This superpower allows everyone to access each other's meeting transcriptions, summaries, and highlights to encourage team creativity and productivity.