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About ( is a nonprofit organization with a mission to restore access to Kratom for consumers and protect the consumer's rights in the United States. was founded in 2014 and was officially launched in 2016. members are volunteers and are not required to pay taxes. The board of directors is made up of people who have a passion for Kratom. has been active in ensuring the safe production of Kratom. In addition, works with legislators and vendors in several states to protect consumers. The organization also works to ensure that Kratom is legal to export from Indonesia. Banning Kratom would cut off a major supply chain. advocates for safe Kratom products by educating consumers and pushing for consumer freedom laws. They work with dietary experts, legal counsel and the FDA to ensure that kratom products meet quality standards. They also promote the education of the public, which is critical for the growth of the industry. also promotes quality by implementing the Good Manufacturing Practices credentialing process. members adhere to stringent hygiene standards and use cutting-edge machinery to ensure the quality of the product. They also conduct independent testing of every batch of Kratom. They ensure that they comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines to ensure consumers' safety. has been instrumental in advancing consumer safety by establishing a petition-driven system for Kratom and urging the FDA to review it. This is important for ensuring that consumers have access to safe plant medicines and do not become addicted to them. It is vital to note that the Food and Drug Administration is not the only organization responsible for the harm done to people by biased information. is a non-profit organization that advocates for safe and legal Kratom. Its members volunteer their time and efforts to protect and advance the industry. They also accept donations to help them fund their campaigns, legal fees, and scientific research. They are also a vital part of the fight to keep Kratom legal in the US.

Los Angeles, California, United States