B Lab UK


The B Corp Movement

Certified B Corps seek to redefine success in business by putting profit on a par with social and environmental impact. B Corps manage the impact of their entire business through the B Impact Assessment and reach high standards of social and environmental performance. B Corps also have to amend their governing documents to consider the impact of their decisions on people and planet. The B Corp community is a global group of businesses who provide leadership by their commitments to people and planet and create examples of success for others to follow. There are now over 3,100 B Corps in over 65 countries and covering 150 sectors, including Patagonia, The Guardian Media Group, The Body Shop, Kickstarter, innocent and Ella’s Kitchen.

B Lab

B Lab was created in 2006 with the mission to inspire and enable people to use business as a force for good. There are B Labs across the globe including Australia, East Africa, mainland Europe and North and South America. B Lab UK launched in 2015 and is a registered charity. Our purpose is to redefine success in business through building a community of engaged businesses, raising awareness of the movement and championing change in the UK economy. The B Lab UK team is small, friendly, hard-working and committed to changing how business operates.