Chief Technology Officer (CTO)



Chief Technology Officer

Salary £70-90k + equity


What is DRPCRD?

DRPCRD is a creator economy startup based in London, UK.

YouTubers, Tiktokkers, and Instagrammers work hard to create content and grow their followings but the majority don’t make much money from ad revenue shares. Brands and businesses want to tap into influencer marketing but it’s really difficult and time-consuming for them to do content deals and it’s hard for them to measure results. And followers and fans, they want to get closer to their favourite creators.

DRPCRD works with creators to launch and issue fan passes to their followers. A pass (installed in iOS or Android wallet) gives true fans access to their favourite creators' drops. Drops allow creators to promote their own stuff like new merch or early access to content; or promote brands they work with (giving out samples or running branded games).

DRPCRD isn’t tied to a social network or platform. A creator can get fans to sign up to a DRPCRD pass from anywhere. We’re SMS/mobile wallet-first, which means that whilst we will have a companion app, the DRPCRD fan experience works primarily with native phone technology.

Additionally, we see massive opportunity with Discord as a platform for fan engagement, for both creators and brands. We’ve built (and we’re building more) bots and creator formats on Discord.

What stage is the company?

Early stage. DRPCRD was founded in 2020 and we have an MVP in-market. For the past 12 months, the founders have bootstrapped the company, using a small personal investment, to test our hypotheses. We’ve established an active community of customers on Discord (aged 16-22), who love testing our ideas, and who give us instant feedback on our product. We have early traction with customer revenue and we’ve built a promising sales pipeline.

We’re now raising a decent sized Seed round (c. £1M), aiming to close this September. This funding will be used to hire a talented senior team (that includes you!) to take our MVP and learnings, and build a robust, scalable product.

Please note: this CTO role will start when funding has been raised but we’re hiring now to make sure we can hit the ground running in September.

We’re looking for someone who...

  • Wants to be part of our founding team to work strategically and hands-on on the DRPCRD product
  • Shares our obsession for understanding and working in the world of social media creators
  • Has strong full-stack development skills and loves working hands-on, especially whilst we’re small and growing the team
  • Can lead the development of sophisticated, highly reliable, scalable web and mobile applications
  • Has at least 5 years development experience, is currently a CTO, tech lead or a senior developer looking to make the next step
  • Will hire, build out, and motivate a talented technical team
  • Can talk ‘tech’ to non-technical people
  • Can choose a technology stack to suit our ambition
  • Will establish a bad-ass engineering culture

Ideally you will have…

  • Worked in a startup (you might have even enjoyed it) or worked in a top digital agency as a technology lead.
  • Hired and managed developers
  • Built SaaS type products and also wrangled sensitive data

What are we offering?

  • Salary £70-90k + equity
  • Flexible remote working with at least 2 days per week in a London office

DRPCRD is an equal opportunities employer, which means we do not make selection decisions on the grounds of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic or nation origin, nationality, religion or belief, disability or age

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