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About NinjA’fro

Today, people with afro hair in Britain lack proper access to quality hair services. We face numerous obstacles when looking to style or treat our hair - barriers that don't exist for our Caucasian counterparts. Given the critical role afro hair plays in the identity of many, this Afro Gap is unacceptable.

NinjA’fro envisions a world where all people, regardless of our race, have access to quality and reliable hair care services that allow us to express who we are and feel pride in ourselves.

As twin sisters who have dealt with the Afro Gap ourselves, we've established a black-led online marketplace that connects people with afro hair to stylists, salons and products that will provide them with quality care. The specificity and flexibility of this platform gives us all greater power and control over our own beauty.

NinjA’fro launched in mid-2019 and the focus now is on raising brand awareness, building a strong community, and generating revenue to grow the business. We are looking for a Business Manager to lead this growth and deliver our mission, working closely with us as Co-Founders.

Please apply to this job if:

  • you’re looking for an opportunity to shape the growth of an early-stage start-up and be part of its future;
  • you’re passionate about working with our community of customers, stylists and business partners to build a community; and
  • you believe you can work with us to fundamentally change the industry and close the Afro Gap.

We are optimists. We believe in the power of a strong community to come together, celebrate self-worth and overcome this challenge. We can’t build this movement alone. Join us.


The Business Manager will be employed by NinjA’fro with a basic salary and performance-related bonus. This role is envisaged to evolve into a leadership position with potential for performance-based equity within 18 months if the Business Manager is successful in the role.

Business Manager Responsibilities

The Business Manager will work closely with the Co-Founders on business priorities. Below is an indicative list of responsibilities that will fall under the Business Manager’s remit.


  • Business Development – identifying and developing business opportunities to raise awareness of NinjA’fro, drive sales on the platform, and build community engagement.
  • Brand Partnerships – identifying potential brand partners, building relationships and delivering on partnership agreements.
  • Market Insights – actively engaging with our key stakeholders (customers, stylists, partners) to understand market trends, customer requirements and the competitor landscape.
  • Commercial Insights – developing relevant reporting (e.g. customer demographics, booking / purchasing trends, etc.) to support decision making and inform the overall business strategy.


  • Public Relations (PR) – working closely with Co-Founders and PR agencies to execute strategic PR, including media relations and press releases.
  • Marketing Strategy – developing an impactful marketing strategy, working with Marketing agencies, managing NinjA’fro Marketing interns where relevant, and executing on initiatives that support business objectives.
  • Social Media – building awareness and a strong community on social media platforms (incl. FBK, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest) through regular development and posting of engaging content.
  • Content – creating content and liaising with Influencers and content providers to develop engaging content for our target audience via email and other channels.
  • Events – identifying, attending and hosting relevant events (e.g. conferences, focus groups) to engage our customer groups and to promote the brand and meeting commercial objectives.


  • Customer Propositions – developing propositions for our 2 main customer groups (stylists / salons and end customers) that articulate the value proposition and drive brand loyalty.
  • Stylists and Salons – identifying new stylists / salons to be onboarded, engaging regularly with stylists / salons to ensure they are onboarded successfully, supporting them to engage effectively with the platform, and introducing initiatives to drive retention across the group.
  • Customers – identifying new customers, engaging customers to ensure bookings and requirements are met, introducing initiatives to drive customer retention, and capturing feedback (incl. Voice of Customer) to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Training – developing content to support training for both stylists and customers to drive higher adoption rates on the platform and enhance customer experience on the platform.


  • Operations Delivery – managing the day-to-day operations activities including bookings management, monitoring and responding to queries, and working with various 3rd parties (e.g. Technology partners, customer groups, and consultants) to meet operational KPIs.
  • Customer Service – managing all aspects of customer services including query and issues management, responding to customer “concierge” requests, and effectively liaising with all customers (stylists / salons and end customers).
  • Process Excellence – introducing processes to streamline activities across the business, continuously assessing processes and identifying improvement opportunities, and developing initiatives incl. automation to drive efficiencies.
  • 3rd Party Management – liaising with 3rd parties and supporting Co-Founders with all aspects of relationship management.


  • Technology Partners – liaising with our Technology partners (developers, testers, etc.) to share user feedback on the NinjA’fro platform and suggest platform improvements.
  • Website Optimisation – regularly reviewing the NinjA’fro website to identify enhancements and potential optimisation opportunities with the aim of enhancing the user experience.
  • App Optimisation – leading app optimisation activities for the NinjA’fro app (in both Apple and Play stores) to drive app adoption across our target audience, increase customer feedback and ratings, and enhance app ranking.


  • Recruitment & Onboarding – enhancing our recruitment approach and supporting Co-Founders with recruitment priorities, onboarding new joiners and inducting them to the business.
  • Culture – proactively supporting initiatives and role-modelling behaviours that foster an inclusive culture in line with our values. 


1. The Business Manager will be supported by a part-time intern with some of the above activities.

2. Finance related activities is out of scope for this role; this will be managed by the Co-Founders.

Experiences (desirable but not essential)

1. (Afro) Hair & Beauty sector

2. Business management

3. Project management

4. Reporting and management information

5. Marketing strategy

6. Marketing content development and channel strategies including social media

7. Marketing data analysis and SEO optimisation

8. Event planning and delivery

9. Advertising and PR

10. Process design and implementation

11. Operations and logistics

12. Recruitment and onboarding

13. Knowledge management 

Skills & Characteristics (indicative skills and characteristics that will drive success in this role)

1. Self-starter and independent worker

2. Proactive and takes initiative

3. Innovator and ready to introduce new initiatives

4. Can-do attitude and ready to roll sleeves up

5. Analytical and able to identify trends

6. Strong and professional communicator (verbal and written), able to build trust and influence

7. Team player and collaborative mindset

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