Analytics Engineer (Remote)

Prolific.coUnited Kingdom, Europe1M ago

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The Role

We are looking for an Analytics Engineer who will bring order to our data warehouse, by providing an architecture, designing the tables, and writing the SQL to ensure that analysts across the company have access to high quality, trustworthy and easily interpretable data. You should have strong experience with SQL and be comfortable with Python. You will own the entirety of our data tech stack, from product-driven event analytics, through to data storage, modelling and BI tools.



  • Experience writing high-quality analytic SQL.
  • Knowledge of data pipelines best practices.
  • Experience with Redshift, ETLs or other data-warehousing technologies.
  • An eye for detail, but can get things done quickly and correctly even in unfamiliar territory.
  • Good written communication skills, as evidenced in design documents, project plans and code reviews, etc.

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